Who We Are


We are growing followers of Jesus who make more growing followers of Jesus.


We exist to enjoy Jesus, reach the unreached of West St. Paul and the surrounding communities, and grow together through the gospel word, in gospel community on gospel mission.


Gospel Centered Worship

We believe the gospel is what rightly orders our lives and our affections, so we make it the focal point of our preaching, singing, and worship gathering.

Intentional Discipleship Multiplication

We believe that making more followers of Jesus should be the experience and commitment of every follower of Jesus.

Leadership Development

We are committed to developing leaders from within our local church in order to grow followers of Jesus, reach the unreached, and plant more churches.

Authentic Gospel Community

We are committed to living in authentic community with other followers of Jesus as a means of growing up into Christ and reflecting the gospel to our non-believing friends.

Culture Engaging Evangelism

We are committed to engaging our culture with the gospel by declaring with our words and displaying with our lives how the gospel speaks into our culture’s values, hopes, needs, and dreams.

Church Multiplication

 We are committed to planting more churches, both locally and globally, as a means of making more growing followers of Jesus through belief in the gospel

City Transformation

We believe change happens in a city when individual hearts are transformed by the gospel, so we are committed to serving our community to proclaim and demonstrate the gospel.