At Restoration Hope Church, we call membership, partnership. Partnership within a local church carries both privileges and responsibilities. Partners of the Church are held accountable to the responsibilities of general Christian obligations comprehensively though not exhaustively outlined within the Church’s Partnership Commitment. These responsibilities include praying for and pursuing both corporate health and individual holiness.

In signing the Partnership Commitment, Partners attest that they have completed the partnership process as instructed, read the Partnership Commitment, and are willingly committing to the following:

What this looks like in weekly practice is to agree to engage in our church life in three ways:

  • Connect Relationally
    • Participate in and be a part of a Gospel Community
  • Grow Spiritually
    • Pursue the spiritual formation of self and others through individual and communal worship
    • Be Equipped through Discipleship Opportunities
  • Engage Missionally
    • Give of your time, talents, and treasures to advance the gospel in partnership with others in this church
    • Invite others to know and enjoy Jesus with us

Click below to download the partnership application.

Partnership application

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Why Partnership?